Interactive Screening Kiosks

Providing employees and occupants the confidence to return to their facilities.


With the health and safety of their occupants at the forefront of the decision-making process, facility management are taking the necessary precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19.  To support this effort, your organization can deploy interactive screening kiosks called Clear2Pass.  This patent-pending solution is affordable, cost-effective, fully automated and scalable.

How it Works

The Clear2Pass kiosk uses proven technology to measure biometrics – forehead and ambient temperatures as well as the user’s blood oxygen saturation levels via non-invasive detection of hypoxia to identify the presence of a virus like COVID-19 or the flu. Unlike sensors that only measure temperature, the Clear2Pass blood-oxygen reading helps identify asymptomatic carriers.

Easy to Use

There are no swabs to administer or samples to take and the whole process produces a result in less than 30 seconds. The kiosks use the same technology and best practices currently used by hospitals and long-term care homes, among others.




The top portion of the kiosk measures forehead temperature and detects the correct/incorrect wearing of a face mask. The top of the kiosk screen can be used to display advertisements. 


The centre monitor provides instructions for the user as well as feedback during the screening process.


The bottom of the kiosk dispenses sanitizer and detects blood oxygen saturation levels. The bottom of the kiosk screen is also used to alert the user and display specific messages from the facility.


All kiosks self-monitor their operational health.
Any issue is communicated in real-time to management through the Fortified Private Cellular Network.

100% Privacy

All personal data is secured via Secure Utility and its fortified private cellular network.


Using Secure Utility's private cellular network, each kiosk is equipped with a multi-format scanner that has the ability to register each user via bar codes and/or RF cards to help fulfil government contact tracing obligations. This information is stored in Secure Utility's fortified servers, which are Government of Canada protected and B approved.

What's Included

A single monthly payment includes the following:

Robust, elegant and consistent interactive screening kiosks
Remote event management, administration & maintenance of the kiosks over Secure Utility's fortified private cellular network
Customization of the two message boards
Equipment warranty

* Does not include shipping fees & tax *
* Added fee for Trusted-Contact-Tracing barcode key-tag combo cards *

Clear2Pass Receipt

The Clear2Pass receipt serves as a ticket to enter into a facility. The only personal data stored is for Trusted-Contact-Tracing to fulfil government contact tracing obligations.

Each kiosk is equipped with a thermal printer.
Once an individual has been screened, the kiosk generates a printed receipt which includes the following:

01 –––
Confirmation that the blood oxygen level and temperature are acceptable
02 –––
Confirmation that the individual is wearing a mask
03 –––
Confirmation that hands have been sanitized
04 –––
Contact tracing has been completed
05 –––
A photo of the individual
06 –––
Date/time stamp



The kiosks can communicate in English or French, as well as fluctuate between the two languages with the bilingual option.

Made in North America

The kiosks are manufactured with components from Canada and the USA.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the liabilities associated with deploying the kiosks?

Facility management will decide how to best deploy the kiosks; however, best practice is to locate the kiosks in the building’s lobby.  From a building’s perspective, this is a value-added service much like hand sanitizing dispensers, and participation can be voluntary.

How long does the hand sanitizer last?

Each kiosk is equipped with 1 gallon / 3.78 liters of hand sanitizer, which can then be replenished quickly and easily – no special tools required.

How much thermal paper does the kiosk hold?

Each roll of thermal paper is 5,400 ft or 1,650 M / roll in length.

Learn More

See a PDF version of the kiosk and all of its features.

SEE the pdf

How to Order

To order please email:

Fulfillment is prioritized based on receipt of the completed order form and will be delivered within 3-6 weeks.