How it Works

Remove Critical Systems
From the Internet

Secure Utility provides a multi-layered cyber security solution for secure remote connectivity of critical systems — on a private trusted network. The remote connection to the secure private cellular network is fortified by:

01 –––
Strong encryption
02 –––
Control-plane traffic defence
03 –––
User identification and authentication
04 –––
Managed security services
05 –––
Real-time cyber threat intelligence to defend against upstream and downstream threats.

The Secure Utility solution can be immediately implemented by installing a trusted cellular router at each employee’s home and/or designated workplace facility. The solution is easy to deploy, is reliable and secure.

Use Cases

01. Secure Communications
Connectivity for Remote Workers

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02. Secure Remote Command & Control
Communications for Facilities*

* Facilities refers to Buildings, Facilities and Properties
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Reduce the attack surface of your organization.

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