Secure Communications for
Remote Workers

Many organizations struggle to provide secure remote access to corporate systems increasing the amount of VPN access to intranets, internal communications or then out to the internet of collaborative cloud environments.

This has introduced added costs, complexity and bottlenecks while exposing internal networks with a false sense of security. In most cases, the performance is sub-standard, and employees use their personal devices and free platforms such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, GoToMeeting, MS Teams, Adobe or Zoom.

Some are using two-factor authentication to allow users to access new Office 365 rollouts over the public Internet and over mobile networks with personal devices.The challenge is that mobile devices and the cellular network is still vulnerable to exploitation (Highjacking Malware, SIM Jacking etc, Location Tracing, DNS redirect).

The public cellular network is being used, and the mediated cloud access is uncontrolled.

Secure Remote
Command & Control for

With Secure Utility’s multi-layered cybersecurity solution, you can connect critical systems over a true, secure private cellular network with a priority LTE connection, segregated on the back-end of most mobile carrier networks – not the public internet. Remote connection to the Secure Private Network is guarded by a managed, bank-grade firewall, updated in real-time to defend against up and downstream threats.

Whether you simply need remote connectivity for alarm services or looking to connect all your building systems, Secure Utility’s plans scale to support video surveillance streaming, access control, HVAC, BAS, alarms and more. Remotely, and cost-effectively manage the safety and security of your facilities over a true secure private network.

Secure Utility fills a critical gap, eliminating the threat of cyber-attacks and malware infections on the very systems meant to keep infrastructure safe and secure.

Reduce the attack surface of your organization.

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